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Flocked Rose Tights For Your Night Out

I love to wear patterned tights.  I’d wear them almost everyday if I could.  So maybe you need to remember that when I talk about them.But, even so, I really think these little flocked rose tights by Pamela Mann are so cute.  They are the perfect accent for an outfit that needs a bit of […]

Pastels for Spring 2012

Pastel pink, blue, green, and peach are pretty easy colors to wear.  So it is great to see them again for spring.  The difference is that they are presented this season with a bit of an edge.  Pinks with jewel tones, peach with black, icy green monotone, and sometimes you will see all pastels mixed […]

Sequins Are Sooo Holiday!

Who doesn’t love the perfect sequined party dress?  Unfortunately, they are usually way too expensive for my budget, so it is great when there are less expensive choices has a great option called the “Holy Sequin Dress” for only $88, a bargain for sequined!  So if sequins mean holiday for you, take a look.  […]

Layers and Layers

Today when I left my house it was 38 degrees.  Before I go home it is supposed to get up to 65 degrees.  That is pretty typical of California weather, almost thirty-degree differences from morning to afternoon.  The only way to cope with the variation is to wear layers of clothing.  Sweaters are an important […]

Just One More Favorite Winter Dance Dress Option…

I think this little Zelda Dress shift available at for $78 is great.  I love the color, the softness of the lace, and the cut out detail.   I also think that you could wear this next summer if you want to…score!

Winter Dance Day II

This little dress by Free People is available from for $98.00.  This with boots and tights, this can be worn long after the dance is over…