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Faux May Be Best

Costume jewelry is pretty awesome! The styling is upscale, and the price will not break your budget, even a “be careful its only homecoming” budget vs. a prom budget. If you like a little glitz, but worry about being too over-the-top at homecoming, you could show a little bling on your ears. I love the […]

I Love the Brownish Purple Nail Glaze For Fall

I have been addicted to this nail shade since last year, but it is especially nice for fall.  This particular shade is called Foie Gras ala the Hunger Games, but it is one of several variations that happens to be good for all your fashion needs this season.  It is subtle, doesn’t scream when you […]

Just A Little Homecoming Bling!

If you want to take the more is more approach to your Homecoming Dance look, you could follow the lead of the Chanel Runway for Spring…that is bring the bling to your accessories, you could try a yummy necklace that screams, “Look at me!” If this is your choice, just hold back everywhere else.  Otherwise […]

Are You Looking for Homecoming Hair?

Why not keep it simple when it comes to how you wear your hair to the homecoming dance?  Consider the weather, how long you are going to dance the light fantastic, and how easy you want the style to put together. Then after doing that, you can make an informed decision about how you will […]

Homecoming’s Short And Sassy!

Whether your homecoming dance is dressy or casual, wearing a short dress in silk chiffon like this Nanette Lepore design makes it easy.  If you want dressy, just add black stockings, dramatic eyes, and wear your hair up!  You will be as appropriate as any long gown at the dance.  If you want a bit […]

I Love This Wide Barrette

Homecoming Hair can be difficult.  Should it be dressy?  Or should it be more restrained?The answer to both of those questions might be yes!This elongated barrette allows you to pull your hair back into a low smooth ponytail that shows off your healthy glossy mane without looking like a traditional…well…pony! . . .