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Prom Rings To Die For!

If you are looking for a very special piece of jewelry, look no further than an unusual ring by Jessica Winzelberg.  It is round—but it is also square!  That’s a pretty cool trick! Perhaps because I am a math teacher, and love geometric things…I think this ring is great.  Whether you buy something like this, […]

Faux May Be Best

Costume jewelry is pretty awesome! The styling is upscale, and the price will not break your budget, even a “be careful its only homecoming” budget vs. a prom budget. If you like a little glitz, but worry about being too over-the-top at homecoming, you could show a little bling on your ears. I love the […]

Just A Little Homecoming Bling!

If you want to take the more is more approach to your Homecoming Dance look, you could follow the lead of the Chanel Runway for Spring…that is bring the bling to your accessories, you could try a yummy necklace that screams, “Look at me!” If this is your choice, just hold back everywhere else.  Otherwise […]

Artisan Jewelry?

I really like Melissa Joy Manning’s take on a classic ring or earring.  She works out of San Francisco, and works in all kinds of metals and rough-cut stones. I particularly like her square hoops in silver.  They are available in all sizes.  They are a crisp, modern look that goes with anything. If you […]

One Perfect Little Ring

If you are considering accessories for prom, it might be wise to choose one perfect piece instead of a lot of pieces that aren’t quite right.  I small ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace may be perfect to finish your prom look.This cute little “Nature Gem Ring” available from might be the right choice for […]

Sparkles On Your Wrist

This is one of the few times that I agree that more is more.  If you are going out dressed down…levis, boots…then it is really fun to change things up with some sparkles on your arm.  In this case, the more the better.In fact, about three bracelets would be great, especially if each is a […]