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At-Home Facials For Prom

Facials are a great way to make your face shine…in a good way.  Especially in the winter our skin suffers.  We face the effects of cold weather outside and dry hot air from heaters inside.  It makes skin go crazy!An antidote for winter skin is to get a facial.  However, many of us don’t have […]

I Love Aquaphor

 When I wash my face at night I use Oil of Olay Cleansing Grains, and I slather on the cream, to keep from feeling quite so crackly.  My dermatologist turned me onto a product that I have become addicted to.  It is Aquaphor.  It is a really soothing balm for dry and cracked skin.  You […]

If You’ve Got the Gams, Why Not?

If you do not have a “metallic something” in your wardrobe yet, you might want to add a little metallic dress.  It is a very casual cut—a line with a vee neck—but it is all about the glitz!  If you want a change, but don’t want to be too dressy, this dress is just the […]

Sometimes Its Enough Just To Look

 I do not own anything with the Marni designer label.  That is not to say that I don’t look and swoon over the styles and prints.  I love the fabrics and the off-beat styling.  I even love the shoes, belts, purses and bracelets in addition to the dresses and skirts.  But I know that I […]

H & M Does It Again!

I don’t know how H & M ( has such great styles at such great prices.  This summer they have the cutest chiffon-looking long patterned dress for only $32.73.  It includes the peachy shade that is so popular now, and has a 70’s vibe too.If you need one more cute summer dress you might want […]

Cute Dresses for Summer!

 There are so many cute dress styles this summer.  If you haven’t looked, you might be in for a surprise.  I particularly like the long sixties dress styles.  It might even be a dress that you could use for prom as well as wearing it afterward.H & M is a great place to get cute […]