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Love Tinted Lip Balm!

 I have perennially chapped lips.  So I am always looking for some kind of healing balm for my lips.  I have been using Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm for a while now, and it is fabulous!  Not only does it take care of the chapping, which Burts Bees has always done for me, but now […]

Structured Handbags for Fall

 Alexander Wang has a great structured handbag for fall called the Devere.  It is $795!  And it is, of course, beautiful.  But it is very reminiscent of vintage bags from the 1940s and 1950s, and if you keep looking in your favorite vintage shops you will find something similar for less $$$. Shopping vintage for […]

I Love L’Occitane

I don’t wear much perfume.  I think smelling clean and fresh is better than wearing a heavy perfume.  But I really like L’Occitane products.  Their soaps are fabulous.  Their creams are to die for.  And I really love their very light Eau de Toilette, Lavender.  It smells light, clean, and just the right amount of […]

What’s The Easiest Put-Together Look?

Spring and summer are easy seasons to do a casual put together look.  So what is the easiest way to do that this year?  Wearing a little soft printed dress and booties is easy, hip, and very put together. One of the best advantages of wearing a cute little dress is the price.  You only […]

Hot Pink Is. . .Well. . . Hot!

Hot pink is a very “1960’s now” color that is once again hot, hot, hot!  This is a trend that may stay a while, but more probably will be here and gone again soon.  So if you are watching your budget, and would like to include one or two items to update your look, but […]

Wearing Sandals to the Prom?

Choosing to wear sandals to the prom will “kill two birds with one stone”, so to speak.  If you get a pair of basic sandals to wear to the prom you will be able to wear them all summer as well.  In this economy, any way to save $$$ is important. Depending upon what color […]