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Monochromatic Dressing Is Just Plain Smart For Fall!

If you want to look both really put together and a bit thinner, wear all one color, or close tones of the same color.  It doesn’t break up your look like two different colors do. Of course that means you will probably have to buy a dress, or a top and skirt, that are made […]

Never Say Never!

I don’t wear red very often. And when I do, it is in small quantities—earrings—handbag—blouse—but this fall I am seeing red dresses that look, quite frankly, fabulous! Of course Kate Middleton would look good in a sack, but she wore a great red dress by Alexander McQueen to the Jubilee celebrations that makes me think […]

I Am Still Loving Color-Blocking

I have enjoyed the color blocking trend since it started.  It is still alive and well this season, and I have seen some color-blocked dresses that are to die for.  It is the second of my five “most favorite” looks for fall.  If you are looking at an everyday look, or a gown for a […]

Five MustFive Must-Have Clothing Items for Back to School 2012

This week as I return to school, I have been trying to curate a few new choices for Back to School wear.  I don’t want to spend a lot, and I don’t think I have to if I choose wisely.  Of course, you might need totally different things to make your wardrobe workable for school.  […]