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Own Any Wide-Legged Trousers?

                                                 Most of us are at least looking at the wide-legged trousers out there this summer.  If you are looking, but haven’t taken the plunge, you can without much $$$ if you look for vintage.  There will undoubtedly be a pair at your favorite local or online vintage store. If they are made of silk […]

Like Versatility?

Summer conjures up images of sun, sand, and surf for me.  School is out.  Sleeping in is the order of the day.  And making things free and easy is my number one priority. That attitude is definitely reflected in my fashion choices.  I find it difficult to put on make up, wear anything on my […]

Flowered Dresses!

I love my garden in the summer.  I have roses and azaleas, and lavender.  I love the way my flowers look and the way they smell.  I love cutting flowers and bringing them into the house to enjoy.  I even found a tiny frog in my garden this week.  He was adorable!  (Obviously there aren’t […]