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Prints for Spring?

Small and large printed pants are a great fashion statement this spring.  Of course you need to be careful in your choice of prints, the smaller the print, the safer the choice.  So if you are a bit more conservative but want to try this style, try a small print.  They are almost as safe […]

I Love H & M and I Love Helen Hunt

What could be better than Helen Hunt wearing a dress from H & M to the Oscars? I loved the color of the gown. I loved her styling…hair, jewelry, (which was not low budget) make up…just the whole idea of doing the whole thing on a budget. Who isn’t on a budget these days? Well, […]

I Am Digging Dresses With Prints!

I am a reluctant print wearer.  I find it easier/safer to wear solid colors.  I think  prints have to be special to be wearable.  This season I have seen so many dresses that are special in the print department.  The interesting part is that I cannot name a type of print that does that per […]

Only Try This If You Are Under Age 21!

If you want a fun new twist to leggings, why not try animal prints?  They are not for the feint of heart. It takes attitude to pull off this look.  But if you dare, it is a great way to change the way you express yourself. I do think that a little animal print goes […]

Do You Want To Go Red?   On Your Lips That Is…

Red lips are such a statement! It is kind of a scary fashion statement too, but certainly worth the effort if you can choose the right shade for you… Yes, there are shades of red. I would suggest that you go try shades of red at your local make up counter.  The lighter your complexion, […]

Just Plain “Glamorous” Homecoming

If your Homecoming Dance is formal, this is the look for you.   The soft ruffled fabric almost dances as you move.  If “romance” is your “look” then this is the dress for you! . . .