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Project Runway Season 9 begins tonight on Lifetime, 9 p.m./8 p.m. central time. Heidi, Tim, and all the designer craziness and inspiration…I am SO there!!!!

The Cutest Beach Cover-Up…And It’s On Sale!

                                  Anthropologie has a great Coconut Beach Cover Up that is to die for.  It is the perfect last item on your list for a whole day and maybe evening at the beach.  The best part is that it is now on sale!  It is great, and available at And don’t forget the sunscreen…

Great Design is Great Design…No Matter Where You Find It!

I was reminded last Saturday that great design is expressed in many difference ways.  Of course I write mostly about clothes, shoes, make-up, and hair, which I like undoubtedly way too much.  But something that I don’t write much about is my love of great architecture. Last weekend I attended a lecture by Dave Weinstein […]

Want to Try a Column Dress for Prom?

Column dresses can be found in all types. Some are very casual and others are very dressy. It depends upon the fabric used. I particularly like them done in silk. It makes the dress light and airy and the flow is great.A bright pink silk column dress might be just the ticket from prom…want one?

Do You Want To Be A Princess At Your Prom?

                               If you want to look like a princess at your prom this year, you don’t have to look any further than the Marchesa gown Olivia Wilde wore to the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills this week.  It was a strapless chocolate brown with sequins that pretty much stood by itself. Even though she wore […]