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A Good Day

Watching the spark of a student’s enthusiasm as he succeeds, or discovers something new and exciting, is the reason I go to work every day.  And the great thing is that I get to see that almost every day as about 180 students come and go from my classroom. Sometimes it is a small thing.  Sometimes it […]

What’s Your Red Carpet Style?

Fashion can be fun!?!  Sound crazy?  Who doesn’t love watching “Project Runway?”  Well, looking at the latest styles in shoes, hair, make up, and dresses can be a game.  Star gazing as your favorite celebrities walk down the red carpet, showing off the latest couture gowns can seem like a competition of Olympic proportions.  Unlike the celebrities, it is […]

Are Budget Cuts Ruining Your Fun?

Football season is fun.  Games played before the weather turns, pep squads dancing and cheering, drill teams performing synchronized routines while the band plays tunes to jump start the fans…well this year hasn’t been quite as much fun at my school.  Due to budget cuts in the state of California, our band doesn’t get to go to away games.  […]

Homecoming; What to Wear, What to Wear

It’s Fall and it is homecoming time across the nation.  Homecoming events are different wherever you are.  Some schools go all out, having a parade, game, king and queen, and a formal dance.  While others have a game, assembly, and a dance in the gym.  In this economy the ASB students at my school are asking for donations to […]

Last Emmy Thoughts

First, let me confess that I am not a great fan of awards shows.  Don’t get me wrong…I like to see who gets the awards…I even play games with friends as to which of us will be able to guess who wins what…but I don’t like the award shows themselves.  I’d rather cut to the chase and read […]

January’s Emmy Fashion in September

My other favorite look from the Sunday Emmy broadcast was the white Versace gown worn by Mad Men’s January Jones. It had sequins, cut-outs, flowing skirt, great lines, everything to stand out in an evening of stand-outs. January was smart and kept accessories and hairstyle minimalist so as not to compete with her dress. It […]