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Silver Anyone?

The other noteworthy jewelry trend that has been refined this year is a type of bohemian silver.  These looks can be primitive, delicate, or moody.  This is a more is more approach to jewelry.  Necklaces are lavishly done with ornate pieces, bracelets are cuffed with delicate etching in the silver or a thick applique of […]

Lucky Charm?

Charms are back in a big way.  In the  1950’s charms were largely part of a bracelet.  They often represented somewhere the wearer had been,  someone in their life who was important, or a hobby.  Now they are seen more frequently as necklaces on chains.  Sometimes you see one, sometimes more  than one on a […]

Leather is Back!

If ,when I mention leather jewelry, you think of braided leather bracelets, you will be partly right about leather jewelry this year.   There are cute braided leather bracelets that look kind of like Woodstock.   But to me the most exciting version of leather jewelry this season is jewelry that is more traditional looking, but leather covered.  You […]

Pave Anyone?

A second jewelry trend for homecoming or prom note is colored pave earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  Instead of the traditional clear crystal/diamond pave of yesterday, this season’s iterations are glitsier, more colorful, and more fun.  You can find everything from retro 1940’s inspired earrings, to cutting edge stackable rings that look like they came right out […]

Everything Jewelry

This season we are seeing all kinds of new and old styles of jewelry which are fun and different.   One of my favorites is Boho Chic silver that looks quite Middle Eastern.  You can go high end and spend a lot, or you can keep it simple and buy silver tone really inexpensively.  In fact you can […]


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