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Mad Men

I love the television show, Mad Men.  I love the story lines.  I love the rehashing of history.  I love the reminder that women are no longer treated like second class citizens anymore like they were in the 1950’s.  And I really love the mid century modern design and fashion. They show great lamps made by George Nelson, Jere […]

What a Party!

Saturday evening I attended the best wedding party ever!  A former student who graduated in 1999 was the bride.  Her family is from Viet Nam and her groom’s family’s ethnicity is Chinese and East Indian. The wedding itself was lovely in a garden terrace with flowers, flowing chiffon, and a cupola for the bride and […]

Halloween Anyone?

If you haven’t started working on your Halloween costume yet, get going!  Go to your local thrift shop.  Everything there is cheap and easy to cut up or sew to fit.  Don’t wait until the last minute, or everything will be gone, or there will be a long line waiting to get in. I love Halloween and […]

Pearls Are Time-less

Just for the record, I am a pearls girl.  I love them.  It doesn’t matter when or where.  Whether they are a hot in style or not, I think they are great.  There is something so classic about them.  They can be worn for day or evening, and they feel great next to your skin. Pearls are […]

Bundle Up!

Summer is gone at last.  No more heat, humidity, sweating through even the coolest cotton t-shirt.  How can you possibly look fashionable with sweat rings under your arms?   Instead–now we have–rain–sleet–snow…aahh!  What an opportunity to wear layers and layers of great clothes!  Sweaters, gloves, scarves, tights, boots, hats, all in wool, cashmere, or plush […]


When I think of ponchos, I usually conjure up visions of Peruvian Indian Women with beautiful ponchos made from llama or alpaca, with a basket on their heads. Not this year! The ponchos this year are knitted, crocheted, and sometimes made from alpaca like in Peru, or from plaid wool fabric or even suede.  You pick!  Colors are mostly […]