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I Love Bakelite

I am continuing my rant about things I like with my newfound love for bakelite.  I particularly like vintage jewelry made from bakelite…bangle bracelets to be specific.  And in doing research about it I find I am not alone.  There are some bakelite bangle bracelets that are considered collectible and are very pricey.  But that […]

Vera Wang Necklaces

The first time I saw the newest version of necklaces with tulle, rhinestones, pearls, and ribbon they were all by Vera Wang.  Now you see others out there.  They are frothy, feminine, and dressy.  I don't own one, and can't think of when I would wear one anyway, but that doesn't mean that I don't adore […]

My Favorite Things

This week I thought I would share some of my favorite things both old and new.  Some of these items I use every day.  Some I don't own, but would love to.  So here goes… Lipstick?  Gloss?  Wears forever?  Feels too sticky?   Too dry?  Too greasy?  Do you ever feel like you never can get […]

Buy the Unexpected

When I have to buy an item that I consider a bit boring or uninteresting, I try to find a certain twist to the ordinary style.  That is what I do when I buy an umbrella.  They can be black and boring.  But they can also be bright, patterned, and darling!  So this season I […]

Betsy Bloomingdale’s Haute Couture

On Saturday I visited Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's Exhibit called, "High Style, Betsy Bloomingdale and Haute Couture."  It was a marvelous installation showing over sixty evening gowns, day wear, and even pants outfits she wore being in the 1960's. They were the kind of fabrics, attention to detail, and style that you literally read […]

Lets Play Dress Up

I have always loved coats.  But most of my life I have lived in Southern California where you don't really need to own a coat.  You can get by on lots of different kinds of sweaters…now this does not mean that I don't own any coats.  It just means I don't NEED them. So this […]