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Fall’s New Colors

Looking past spring and summer is not something that I usually do.  I love summer–sitting on the patio–watching the wild parrots in our neighborhood–and enjoying the quiet of reading a book.  But something that I find interesting about next fall's fashion trends is two colors that were shown at Bryant Park.  They are camel and ox […]

Bloomingdale’s Prom Contest! Win $2,000!

` I think that Bloomingdales is a great store.  In New York City it is one of my favorite places to go.  They are trendy–hip–aware of all thats new and they don't act like you aren't good enough to shop there.  But one of their best qualities as far as I am concerned is they aren't […]

Turquoise Blue for Prom Anyone?

Early this year, home color and design experts declared turquoise blue the color of the year.  I'm not sure what that means exactly, except that they are saying it is a direction to go in home decor.  And being a minimalist, and a devotee of the mid-century modernists, I get it.  Clean lines–spare furnishings–bright accent […]

Do you love pleated skirts?

I think pleated skirts are fabulous.  I love the way they look when you stand still.  I like the way the feel as you walk.  And I like the playfulness of them. At fashion week all the best designers were showing pleated skirts again for the fall.  But this is the twist.  They are mostly shorter […]

Prom Dress Giveaway

"Prom Dress Giveaway" is our favorite prom-related community effort we have seen lately.  If you don't already have this organized in your community, you should.  People are encouraged to donate gently used prom dresses, no more than five years old, newly dry cleaned and ready for wearing, to an organizing group.  Sometimes The Junior League will organize the event, […]

New-Old Ideas at Bryant Park

There are three things that were shown at Fashion Week for Spring 2010 that are fun to revisit: First, I love polka dots, and they appear in soft  little blouses paired with more structured skirts and jackets.  This time the dots are small, and at a distance they are almost invisible.  But that is what is so great about it.  It is […]