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There is never any good reason to wear red high heels—ever!!!!!  

My Favorite Shoes

I am a school teacher and I am on my feet all day, so I wear a lot of flats.  My favorite brand of flats is Sigerson Morrison.  They are unbelievably cute…and comfortable…awesome!  They are also pretty expensive, so I watch for sales, and never pay full price.  Probably because I have an obvious shoe […]

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

  All I can think about this week is shoes.  Some weeks are like that.  I have been looking at gladiator sandals this week.  I think most of them are a bit unflattering and difficult to wear and look good.  But there are a few exceptions. If these sandals are styled right they are really […]

Everyone Should Own a Pair of Taupe Shoes

I love shoes.  I have said that before.  Unfortunately I have made kind of a study about shoes, and have strong opinions about my likes and dislikes.  I’m not sure that this is a worthwhile way to spend my time, but there you are… One of the secrets of all models and designers alike is […]

Can You Wear White Shoes After Memorial Day?

The answer to that question is of course yes.  The old rule says that you can wear white shoes after Memorial Day and before Labor Day.  For the rest of the year, white shoes are supposed to stay in the back of your closet. For me, the question really is; should you wear white shoes […]

Are You Seeing Stripes?

I have talked several times about patterns being everywhere in fashion this season.  And I love patterned fabric done right.  One of my favorite patterns is all of the stripes I see everywhere.  There are striped sweaters, skirts, tops, dresses, and hopefully not…pants. They are often bold, large stripes.  Now this is good possibly bad […]