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A Camel Coat to Splurge On

If there is one item of clothing that is worth a splurge this season, it is a classic camel colored coat.  There are many styles out there, but my favorite is the oversized ¾ length coat with small lapels and no belt. The look is simple and goes with absolutely everything from jeans and a […]

Ponytails are Back—At a Full Gallop!

Perhaps it is a reflection of the 1950’s trend we are seeing in fashion and design these days—everything from hot pink and bright orange walls—to the polished restraint in that perfect little skirt and sweater—the hairstyle reflecting that as well is the resurgence of the classic ponytail. It is making itself seen everywhere–being worn with […]

Fall’s Perfect Choker

Chokers are the jewelry must –have this season.  They are usually a bit chunky and make a big statement.  That is what they should do… But the aspect of chokers that I love this year is wearing them over the collar of your favorite blouse—preferably white—so that your choker is clearly visible, making the statement […]

Bows On Your Toes? Or Maybe Just On Your Shoes!

One of the best new looks on shoes this fall is bows.  Sometimes they are on the front…sometimes on the back…and sometimes on the side!  Whichever spot you see them it is a flirty addition that is really fun. And you don’t even have to buy new shoes to get the look.  Many places (like […]

Texturizing Your Hair

Texturizing hair is the current trend for adding volume to otherwise limp hair.  It gives your hair a soft, kind of messy, look.  To rein in the “messy,” wear your hair in a deep side part and do a deep sweep on the forehead, then use a big clip at the temple. Use a variation […]

Clips Galore!

Hair clips were big, beautiful, and numerous at New York’s Fashion Week this month.  If your hair is long enough to put it up with clips—this look is perfectly fabulous! The clips are large—but the colors are muted, leaning toward nature-driven tones.  Think basic black or bamboo.  But the difference this year is that one […]