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Less is So Much More!

When you get dressed in the morning are you looking to show off your new clothes?  Or do you want to show off you?  The trick to the later is to do less.  I don’t mean less care or less time.  I mean that fewer statement items in a look can enhance your look like […]

Jumpsuits Can Be Tricky!

  Jumpsuits are the rage this fall but it is one of those fashion choices that can be really great or really bad.  The key is the styling.  You need to ask yourself some important questions…  What bag, shoes, and accessories will you wear to complete your look? I think that if you are wearing […]

Keira’s Bobbed Hairstyle is Great!

With so many celebrities showing long flowing hair, Keira Knightley’s new short bob is great fun for fall.  It is a fresh take on a style that has been around for generations.  In fact it goes way back to the 1920’s when women first had the freedom to cut off their yards and yards of […]

Temporary Tattoos for Halloween?

     I am not a fan of tattoos.  I have never made any kind of personal fashion statement that has lasted even two years, much less for life!  So the temporary tattoos that many designers showed at  Fashion Week are right up my alley. This season’s tattoos come in many varieties from goth to contemporary.  […]

Socks, Socks, Socks

Bright ankle socks, black over the knee socks, grey knee highs…if you like any of these choices you should be in hog heaven this year.  Socks are everywhere.  And that is great news.  You just have to use them with your favorite items already in your wardrobe to make the most of them and your […]

My Favorite Coat of the Season

Have you seen the new boyfriend style coats?  Topshop had a great camel colored wool coat in the style in August—now completely sold out.  This and other coats by designers are oversized—which means they fit, but with lots of room. The designer, Yamamoto designs a similar coat for women  called “pour homme.”  Which is really […]