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How About Shiny Hair Jewelry for New Year’s Eve?

I like clips, barrettes, headbands, and bobby pins!  This season we are seeing some great variations on the theme of “all things shiny” in hair jewelry. This is an inexpensive way to finish a little black dress without going over the top.  Urban Outfitters has many varieties to offer.  But don’t be afraid to look […]

Cascading Earrings for New Year’s Eve?

Cascading earrings are a new variation of the old chandelier earrings that we have always known and loved.  This new variety is just longer…in fact, you should count on this variety touching your shoulders.  And that is the point.  They should be long, and overstated. That doesn’t mean that all of your jewelry should be […]

Are You Buying a Wild New Dress for New Year’s Eve?

I know this may be counter-intuitive, but when shopping for an evening look, spend less, not more.  Even though there are beautiful dressy dresses out there that are to die for that cost $$$$, I think you should ask yourself one question first…that question is, “How often will I wear this?”  If the answer is […]

Do You Wear Black Like a New Yorker?

As you may have read…in Los Angeles it has been raining cats and dogs since last Friday.  We are all whining because it really hasn’t stopped raining in six days…and I mean raining!  It has not been a gentle silent rain.  It has been rain by the bucketfuls! So on Tuesday night in the middle […]

Studded Belts—Not Just for Punkers Anymore

If you don't own a studded belt, perhaps you should.  They have gone from strictly Punk Rock-to High Style. They come in all shapes and sizes this season, and there is one that will work for you.  One way to look at it is they are another piece of jewelry…whether you wear it at your […]

The Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit

If you still need to buy an outfit for your New Year’s Eve party, why not pair two completely different looking items?  The little lacey black dress is a no-brainer, and maybe a bit predictable, but when you pair it with a tough leather jacket, the look becomes surprisingly unpredictable. It may seem counterintuitive, but […]