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Everyone’s Favorite Academy Awards Dress

I think that most people would say that their favorite look at Sunday night’s Oscar Awards in Los Angeles last evening was Jennifer Lawrence’s.  Her gown was a red Calvin Klein Collection that was cut to accentuate her perfect figure. I think the real story however, was that her styling was picture perfect as well.  […]

I Love Pink

I have to admit that I love pink.  I love pink sweaters, pink bathrobes, pink flowers…I like just about everything in pink. So the new super pastel pinks being shown for lips and nails are perfect for a pink lover like me.  Does pink send you?  If it does, a little pink on the nails […]

Wearing A Garden On Your Sleeve?

Spring is the time of flowers everywhere in hill and dale.  That is also true for many of the dresses being shown for spring.  It is enough to make those of us who generally wear solids to go out on a limb, so to speak, and get at least one dress in a flowered print.  […]

Do You Like Blonde?

You want to go blonde this year, remember to add the gold tones to it.  Blonde is still popular, but the days of platinum are overshadowed by the current golden highlights shown on the catwalk and the red carpet this season. So if you want blonde; be it curly, straight, or in between, just remember […]

The 70’s Are Back!

Whether you actually lived through the 1970’s or not, you can make fashion choices today that will take you right back.  There are wide-legged jeans and pants, lots of loose fitting clothes, and layers that are both soft and hard. The trick to this styling is to update the looks by adding a bit of […]

Love Handbags?

It is a great time of year to think about transitioning from your everyday handbag to something a little bit more stylish.  And maybe you don’t want to use that cute little bag all the time, but it is fun to try new things occasionally.  And a little over-the-shoulder bone colored bag like this one […]