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Shopping Sunglasses for Prom?

I know that sounds ridiculous, but how many people start their prom night after dark?  Not many.  So if you want a pert new look for your baby blues, check out the modern version of traditional horn rims.  These sunglasses by Elizabeth and James Monroe Sunglasses are ultra cool.  They are expensive, and if you […]

Long Hair Is Here!

If you haven’t seen all the celebs out there wearing their hair down looooong—be it extensions or otherwise—long hair is back with a vengeance.  For those of you who want to go there, there are a couple of rules of this road. First, do not go longer than two months to have your hair trimmed. […]

The Perfect Combination

I love the look of a full 50’s looking swing coat.  There is something so absolutely feminine about it.  And if it comes in a pastel color—perfection!  It is a fun way to bring a pop of color to your look whether you are wearing jeans or a gorgeous gown for prom.  Maybe you haven’t […]

Quirky Color Combos?

Every so often the stylists bring out color combinations that just make your eyes pop.  The color combination that fits that description this season is royal blue and bright red.  It is a combination of bright and bright…not a natural choice…but very fun for spring.  And after a winter that seems to never end, don’t […]

Manicuring Your Fingernails for the Prom?

There are two approaches to a manicure, longer nails and shorter nails.  Longer nails can take bright or deep polish colors.  But if you have shorter nails, you will need to think about polish in pale shades like cream, taupe, or peach. It is a “less is more” approach to your hands.  It is very […]

Sandals Are Great For The Prom

You might not think that sandals are a natural choice for the prom, but they are a great choice if you want to have feet that can dance all night!Heels are really pretty, and don’t we all love looking at them…but for the prom you might want to give up really pretty for really comfortable. […]