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Are You Going To Be Lisa Fremont for Prom?

                               One of my favorite movies is “Rear Window” by Hitchcock.  It is a great story, with fabulous characters, but it also has fashion! Grace Kelly plays the part of Lisa Fremont, a fashion representative for a retail store in New York City. Grace Kelly was a beautiful woman, but she was especially beautiful in […]

Rita Hayworth Curls

Are you wearing your hair down and curly for the prom?  It is the hairstyle we have seen most frequently at the award shows this season.  It is a very flattering style for most people, and on top of that, it is pretty easy to style. Beautiful curls stay pretty and nice even with a […]

Wearing Sandals to the Prom?

Choosing to wear sandals to the prom will “kill two birds with one stone”, so to speak.  If you get a pair of basic sandals to wear to the prom you will be able to wear them all summer as well.  In this economy, any way to save $$$ is important. Depending upon what color […]

I Love Bracelets!

I don’t wear much jewelry.  I find that many necklaces are too much for me.  I prefer the simplicity of less rather than more when it comes to jewelry, but I will have to admit that I love bracelets!  They are easy for me to wear, and I love looking at them when I have […]

Want to Try a Column Dress for Prom?

Column dresses can be found in all types. Some are very casual and others are very dressy. It depends upon the fabric used. I particularly like them done in silk. It makes the dress light and airy and the flow is great.A bright pink silk column dress might be just the ticket from prom…want one?

Wouldn’t You Love to Get a Facial?

Who doesn’t like being pampered a little bit? Getting a facial is one of the most relaxing activities around. But if your budget for prom doesn’t include going to an aesthetician for such a treat, you can do a facial at home. There are quite a few facial products you can buy that have the […]