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Winter Dance Day II

This little dress by Free People is available from for $98.00.  This with boots and tights, this can be worn long after the dance is over…

Are You Ready For Your Winter Dance?

Whether your Winter Dance is formal, or not, this week, I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite looks that are both “now” AND inexpensive.  If possible, I have also tried to choose dresses that you can wear for more than just one night.If you choose a dress that is more versatile, the dollars spent […]


A Great Hairdo for The Holidays

A low half pony half bun is a great way to change things up a bit for the holidays.  Forming a low ponytail, tucking it up and clipping with bobby pins, and then wrapping the rubber band with hair will make an easy, elegant look for evening that will show what a sleek sophisticate you […]

Cute and Totally Affordable!

It would be fun to get a new pair of shoes for the holidays, wouldn’t it?  And it would be even more fun if they didn’t wipe out your whole paycheck…Forever 21 has a cute pair of wedges that might just do both.  Their little red wedge with ankle strap is adorable, and you can […]

A Choker To Love

This choker by Eddie Borgo is beautiful.  It has a hard edge that is tempered by the size and materials used.  It is available at for $365.  Yikes!  But the reason I am interested in it is that it is very much like vintage pieces you might find for much less $$$.If you are […]