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Oh Come On…Just Wear Flats!

Let’s just admit it . . . Nobody likes the way very high heels feel.  They are pretty difficult to navigate.  If you watch people try, you will see what I mean. So if you want to be comfortable for your entire  prom night, wear flats!  The trick is to find flats that are also […]

The Opposite of Prom Flats

If you love high, high heels, there are many to choose from for prom.  Buying cute sky-high sandals is a better economic decision than buying a pair of shoes that you can only wear once.If you choose a neutral colored sandal, you will be able to wear them over and over again.  Whether that neutral […]

What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For Prom?

Without a doubt, one of the most comfortable shoes to wear to prom is a ballet slipper.  They are made for dancing!  Of course they are great for a whole evening of prom!Now you can get them in just about any color, and made from all kinds of materials.  These are available at  They […]

Is Your Prom Look Going To Be On The Edgy Side?

Being edgy in your fashion choices can be so much fun. It is all about making the unexpected choices, like wearing commando boots with your prom dress. If you tend this way, then you might want to wear a dress that is a bit unexpected too.This black and white graphic print by Natalie Wood is […]

Cocktail Length Dress for Prom Anyone?

There are some really great short dresses available for prom this year.  If you haven’t thought about that as an option, you might want to consider it.  They are so easy!  And the look is still flirty.  Here are my top five reasons for going short:1.  The styling on a short gown is often better […]

Battenberg Lace Prom Dress

 Battenberg lace is a heavier cotton lace.  It is beautiful when appliquéd on top of netting or chiffon.  It creates a traditional princess look that is flirty and fun.I especially like the use of cotton lace over a fabric that is just a slightly different color to emphasize the lace, but not contrast too much, […]