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Prom Questions 4-6 Results…And the Answer Are!?!

The results of the next three questions from our Prom survey of 700 hundred Seniors are:4.  How much will you spend on prom?      The range was between $100 to Unlimited!  Really!5.  Do you think you will be in a relationship with your date after prom?      62%     yes           38%    no6.  What are you doing after prom?      The […]

Prom Survey Questions 1-3! And The Survey Said…

  The first three questions of our prom statistical survey involving students at my high school involved seniors only.  Over 700 students were surveyed. When asked, they responded this way:1. Are you going to prom? Results: 82% said that they ARE going, and 18% are not.2. Are you asking someone to prom? Results: 60% said, […]

Prom Survey. . . And The Answer Is!?!

We decided to do yet another survey in my Applied Statistics Class this year.  Because all but one of the students in these classes are seniors, they wanted to ask their fellow seniors on campus what they thought about prom…The students determined what questions to ask, and about 700 students were canvassed about their thoughts […]

The 1950s Retro Bob Hairstyle

If you want to rock a 1950s look for the prom, there is nothing more quintessential than a Bob hairstyle.   I love the look.  It is especially good with dark hair!  What a great way to frame your face! And if you really want to go completely 50s, you can add the fishtail eyeliner, false […]

Warm Up Brown Hair

I love brown hair.  It does a great job emphasizing eyes and bone structure because it frames the face better than blonde or red hair.I also love the trend this season of “warming up” brown hair a bit by putting some lighter brown highlights in.  That does NOT mean blonde highlights.  I think that is […]

Red Tresses For One Night

If you like outlandish…or not so outlandish…highlights in your hair, but don’t want a long-term commitment, try Alterna Stylist One Night Highlights.  I really think ravishing red is a great color choice, but they also have other colors to choose from.  The highlights come out after one wash, so it might be fun to change […]