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Love Bracelets For Summer? Go Vintage!

Bracelets are the rage for summer.  The more the better!  If you are into this trend, then you should consider going vintage!  I personally love the look of Bakelite, which is sometimes kind of pricey, but there is a cheaper alternative, in plastic, which looks much the same.  And sometimes you just happen upon a […]

Artisan Jewelry?

I really like Melissa Joy Manning’s take on a classic ring or earring.  She works out of San Francisco, and works in all kinds of metals and rough-cut stones. I particularly like her square hoops in silver.  They are available in all sizes.  They are a crisp, modern look that goes with anything. If you […]

Are You Wearing Classic Twisted Hair for Summer? You Betcha!

Wearing hair up is always cooler-temperature-wise.  So how will you manage your curls this summer when it is 95 degrees out there?Twisting your tresses is a nice way to bring variety to your look.  Just try twisting it on the sides, pulling it to the back, and twisting the bottom up.   Use bobby pins where […]

Is Hot Orange the New Black?

Yes, orange is everywhere this summer.  I find that it is a difficult color for most people to wear, so most of us might just find a great accessory in orange to punch up our look without committing to a major statement in orange.But, if you are one of those who can pull it off, […]

A Jeweled Headband for Prom?

If you would like a different slant to your up do, perhaps you would like to wear a jeweled headband at prom.You can get headbands that are wide or narrow.  I like the smaller headbands that add to the look instead of take it over.You can style your up do in the same way you […]

What About After The Prom?

If you want to get full use out of your prom dollars, you need to have a plan for wearing your prom dress after prom night.If you wear a short dress to prom, you can pair it with edgy accessories like ankle boots and a leather jacket.If your prom dress is floor length, you might […]