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Wearing A Summer Bob Without the Commitment!

If you have long hair that you want to get off your neck for the summer heat, this look is perfect!  Just part your hair on one side, pull all of your hair to the other side, braid it, and tuck it under.  Pin up your braid underneath, and magically you have a summer bob […]

Crochet Isn’t Just For Grandmas Anymore!

It seems like crocheted dresses and tops are everywhere this summer.  I think they are great!  They are easy to dress up or down, and easy to care for. I think one thing to remember about their care is that often they should be folded and stored in a drawer or on a shelf, not […]

Bronze for Summer?…For Your Eyes That Is!

All of us would like to have a great bronze tan for the summer…if it didn’t include all the sun damage that is… Well, maybe you can do that next best thing and wear bronze eye shadow.   It is a beautiful look for all eye colors and relatively easy to do. Do you like […]

 I Love This Summer Look–Just A Sliver of Skin

If you want to update your look for summer by buying just one look, you might get a cute skirt/sweater combo that shows just a little bit of skin.  It is certainly on-trend, and it is one of those looks that kind of styles itself! If you dare this summer…show just a bit of skin. […]

One Of My Favorite Red Carpet Looks Ever

Carey Mulligan used such taste creating this look for herself, wearing this Christopher Kane galaxy-print dress.  It is chic, not too young, not too old, not too bare…it’s just right.You could easily wear this to a Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal, or Prom! .. .. ..

Are You A Delicate Flower?

How many of us want to admit that??? Well, what I really mean, is, do you burn like crazy in the sun? If you do, you’d better start looking for that summer hat that will protect you from those harsh summer rays.You may like a traditional straw hat, or a woven paper-blend like this one. […]