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Something I Love About Living In L.A.

It is still summer according to the calendar, but I am well into the second week of school, so it feels like September.  As a side note, having the thermometer hit 96 degrees is kind of annoying after school starts. Something that is NOT annoying is the fact that here in Los Angeles I don’t […]

Long Sleek Princess Curls

In my classroom the last two weeks, I have seen many students with beautiful cascading curls.  Their shining brown curls are awesome.  Beautiful!  Inspiring! So, I asked one of my students how she does it.  She said, “Easy, I put it in pin curls at night and take them out in the morning.”  I can’t […]

Monochromatic Dressing Is Just Plain Smart For Fall!

If you want to look both really put together and a bit thinner, wear all one color, or close tones of the same color.  It doesn’t break up your look like two different colors do. Of course that means you will probably have to buy a dress, or a top and skirt, that are made […]

Never Say Never!

I don’t wear red very often. And when I do, it is in small quantities—earrings—handbag—blouse—but this fall I am seeing red dresses that look, quite frankly, fabulous! Of course Kate Middleton would look good in a sack, but she wore a great red dress by Alexander McQueen to the Jubilee celebrations that makes me think […]

There Is Nothing Like A Great Pair Of Flats!

Obviously I stand most of the day.  So I cannot wear heels.  (Some days I may  feel ambitious in the morning and start out in heels, just to take them off and go barefoot  in my classroom after an hour of teaching.) So finding cute flats is always on my radar.  They need to be […]

This Investment in Time, Not Money Is Hot!

If it is still hot where you live, wearing your hair up off your neck is a necessity.  I like this look…braids intertwined at the back of the neck. Of course I do not have that much hair.  So instead of braiding my own hair, I use a little bit of fake hair at the […]