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I Love Everything About Toms Shoes

If you don’t own a pair of Toms shoes, my question is why not?  I love their styles.  I love their philosophy of giving back.  And I love the comfort of a pair of Toms.  They feel like your favorite slippers, but they look so much better than that. If you don’t own a pair […]

Only Try This If You Are Under Age 21!

If you want a fun new twist to leggings, why not try animal prints?  They are not for the feint of heart. It takes attitude to pull off this look.  But if you dare, it is a great way to change the way you express yourself. I do think that a little animal print goes […]

Playful Bobby Pin Hair Patterning!

Want to try something just a little out of the ordinary when you wear your hair in a low bun?  Try patterning bobby pins into a “v” shape for three or four rows along the side, behind your ear.  It is easy, and adds a little twist to an otherwise traditional look. . . . […]

Is It A Coat? ? Is It A Sweater?

It is finally cool in SoCal.  (I can’t say cold as temps in the 60s don’t qualify anywhere else as cold.) So it is nice to look at sweaters and coats for a change instead of bringing out the cotton skirts one more day. I love the Sweater-coats that combine the comfort of a sweater […]

How Cinderella Are these?

Of course you have never owned a pair of glass slippers…wait…not so fast!  These Marc Jacobs transparent pumps are about as close as you will ever get to owning a pair of glass slippers. This particular style has given rise to many copy-cats.  But I love the original idea of it, whether the shoes are […]

Still Love the Messy French Twist

If you have medium to long hair, a French twist is still a cute and easy way to make your hair work for you.  It brings out your best assets—think cheek bones and eyes—and it is really easy… just use some hair spray, tease the crown, and a few hair pins…to go to this quick […]