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I Am Digging Dresses With Prints!

I am a reluctant print wearer.  I find it easier/safer to wear solid colors.  I think  prints have to be special to be wearable.  This season I have seen so many dresses that are special in the print department.  The interesting part is that I cannot name a type of print that does that per […]

I Love Monochromatic Looks!

Keeping your fashion statement in the same tones is not easy.  It takes a lot of consideration and coordination because you don’t want all pieces to be exactly the same color.  You want a bit of variation within the hue you choose.  That often means you need to try a few combinations of shades before […]

Wearing Your Hair Up For Prom?

There are so many ways to change up a classic bun. You can braid, curl, or twist your hair and then put up the ends. What could be more fun? Are you looking for new ideas for an updo for prom? Be creative! Don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary! After all, […]


The vintage flapper look is so Great Gatsby! This dress does it just right. You can find dresses like this at ebay, etsy, or your local Goodwill store. It will take an investment in time, but who doesn’t have more time than money these days? Come on, don’t you want to look like Daisy? LuAnn […]

Vintage Gowns Redux

I love a bit of geometric detail. This gown has it along with just a bit of glitz. It is a bit bold, but done very tastefully. If you can’t afford to go with the budget that the celebrities were showing Sunday at the Golden Globes Awards, don’t worry. This is better… LuAnn Haslam . […]

Go Vintage for Prom!

Think The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, or even Mad Men, and you have the right idea. Going vintage gowns for prom is easier than ever. The variety is there, and it is often the much cheaper version of dressing. Not only that, there are designer gowns out there waiting for you at places like Salvation […]