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Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Your Make-up

I love that on the runway you get to see extremes.  Sometimes the fashions are extreme, or sometimes it’s the hair or accessories.  In this iteration they obviously were not afraid to play with make-up. This may be too extreme for prom, but I like the spirit of it.  I think it is important to […]

Prints for Spring?

Small and large printed pants are a great fashion statement this spring.  Of course you need to be careful in your choice of prints, the smaller the print, the safer the choice.  So if you are a bit more conservative but want to try this style, try a small print.  They are almost as safe […]

Princess Hair

If you are thinking a bit more casual for your hairstyle at prom this year, look no further!  Wearing your hair down with a braid from the front looks like Sleeping Beauty or Ariel. It is a bit easier with hair that has a bit of grab, so you might want to use mousse or […]

Bright Color Simple Shape

I love the bright colors being used this season for everything from tailored shorts to evening gowns.  If you are of like mind you need to be careful about the cut of the dress.  If you go with a bright color the cut should be simple. An A-line with a ruffle is a good choice […]

A Math Teacher’s Dream Dress

I am a math teacher and I love geometric shapes.  I love them in paintings.  I love them in furniture design.  And I love them in dresses.  Of course there are many geometric shapes.  They may show up as spots or squares, or stripes.  Geometric shapes are always a bold statement. You may not find […]

A Beautiful Spring Garden Frock

One of the things I like about spring is the plethora of soft pastel colors in everything from Easter candy to dresses that look like a garden of spring flowers. Many of these are especially pricey, but you can look for a similar look in vintage shops. Embroidered chiffons and silks have always been popular […]