Homecoming Activities


FootballGame/Assembly /Dance / Week’s Activities/Date
If you have never planned a week of homecoming activities, you have no idea
what you are in for. It is probably the most complicated activity of
the year for a high school, the reason being that it is really a combination
of many activities. This guide will start with the most complicated
activity, and go to the easier ones in that order. For this activity you
will need lots of help from a lot of different people, so don’t be afraid to
ask. You will need help.

F O O T B A L L   G A M E

The football game is usually the highlight of homecoming week. This is
where most of your alumni will come if they come at all. It is also the
activity that will involve more community people than any other. Your
responsibilities for this event will most likely be a pre-game show as well
as half-time activities.

Pre-game usually consists of the band, drill team, tall falls, or any other
marching units, performing on the field before the game begins. It may also
include the girls on the court riding around in cars, pep squad riding on a
fire engine, the grand marshall welcoming the crowd, and perhaps your
principal introducing the entire evening. The Star Spangled Banner will be
performed by the band, and you could opt to include your choir in this part
of the show. Pre-game should be timed carefully, so that you don’t do it
too early or too late. You want it to lead directly into the football game,
so know who is doing what when.

Half-time is relatively complicated. You must worry about the girls on court
and their fathers, the field show, any extra entertainment like fireworks, a
skydiver, laser light show,
or other unique bent for that particular
homecoming. Do you want to decorate the field? Will you need a
photographerto get shots for the yearbook? And perhaps most importantly,
how are you going to name the queen? You should make a checklist of all the
things you will need to purchase, or do, and put them in chronological
order, so that you won’t forget anything at the last minute. In fact, I
would recommend making some kind of a checklist for each event of the week,
so that you will be able to make all of the arrangements on a daily basis.


Most schools have an assembly on the day of the football game for a number
of reasons. This is when you should announce who your Grand Marshall is,
and ask him/her to speak. You may also want to crown the King at this time
in case the boy is on the football team and would not be able to participate
in any half-time activities. It is also nice to have a different time for
the King and the Queen to shine. With this schedule, each has his/her time
in the spotlight. ( Perhaps at the assembly, the mothers of the boys could
escort their sons.) This is also a good time to rally support for all of
the fall sports teams, and let them know that your student body supports
their efforts. Don’t forget to get some kind of a souvenir for the King.
You would present it to him at this time.


A homecoming dance can be anywhere from a formal occasion to a casual
It can be held at a fancy hotel, or in your school gym. I would suggest
that whatever you do, the dance not be on the same night as the game. There
are too many things for you to do on game night to expect you to do a dance
too. Plan it for the next night, and let the kids do the decorations. Any
specifics you would like to see about planning a dance, you could look in
this guide under Prom Plans, or Casual Dance Plans, depending upon what you
are going to do.

W E E K ‘ S   A C T I V I T I E S

Throughout the week you will probably have various activities each day. You
may have lunch time games, a DJ, Carnival, or Food Faire. Each of these
requires quite a bit of planning. There will be security issues, possible
changes in bell schedules, and general inconvenience to faculty and staff.
If you inform staff of upcoming activities, they will be less likely to
become upset, and try to go with the flow. Of course there are those faculty
and staff members that will never be happy, and no matter what you do they
will complain, so don’t be surprised, but do your best to keep them happy.
This should be a fun week for everyone. If the teachers are annoyed, the
students will have a difficult time enjoying themselves. So plan ahead–hold
your breath–and do it. You’ll have fun too!


Most Popular Homecoming Themes

10. Casino. Choose this if you don’t want to take a gamble when choosing a fun theme.

9. Egyptian Mysteries. Everyone will go around asking, “What walks on four legs in morning…?”

8. Tropical Paradise. Do you think they’ll serve cheeseburgers?

7. Hollywood. Watch out for those people taking posed photos of you; they might be paparazzi!

6. Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy. Coming up with this idea calls for drumming up some serious inspiration.

5. Masquerade on Bourbon Street. Great theme if you like to dance the ‘rum-ba’ and ‘tango-ray’.

4. Over the Rainbow. Everyone will be looking for pots of gold under their table.

3. Under the Sea. This night will have you drowning in delight.

2. Jungle Nights. Lions and tigers and formal wears, oh my!

1. “I Promise you the Stars” – Sure to be out of this world!