At-Home Facials For Prom

Facials are a great way to make your face shine…in a good way.  Especially in the winter our skin suffers.  We face the effects of cold weather outside and dry hot air from heaters inside.  It makes skin go crazy!
An antidote for winter skin is to get a facial.  However, many of us don’t have the budget for a facial at a salon.  If that describes your financial picture, you might think about giving yourself a facial.  Woman’s Day posted great information about home facials at They give great tips as to what materials you can use for a facial as well as what steps to take to make it most effective.
If you want to get your skin in great shape for prom, start giving yourself a facial once a week.  By the time your prom comes around, your skin will be in tiptop shape!

Braids for Prom?

A great hairstyle to wear this year to the prom is an updo with french braids.  It is a beautiful way to show off your hair, and also your shoulders and neck.  It showcases those killer earrings you’ve been wanting to wear to prom too.
If an updo is in your prom future, you might consider this one.  If you are good at braiding your own hair, you might even be able to future, you might consider this one.  If you are good at braiding your own hair, you might even be able to do it yourself and save some $$$.

Prom Dresses Galore!

Are you looking for your prom dress yet?  All the senior girls at my school are at least looking at magazine pics of gowns right now.  To give them (and you) a helping hand, every Tuesday I will post a picture of  my favorite style and where to buy it online.
This gown is by Max and Cleo and can be found at for  $158.00.  I love the color and drape of the fabric of this dress.  It almost looks like a Greek redux, which is a great look…both then and now. 
Zappos is a great site and their return policy is easy.  But always check the return policy for any individual item you buy.  You don’t want to be stuck with a great dress that doesn’t fit!

Sometimes It’s the Color

Even when the style of the perfect little dress is one that we have seen before, if the color is just right, everything is new again.  Burgundy has been that color this year.  It freshens up many every day items that would otherwise feel faded and old.
This mini dress is available at and the best part is that it is now on sale!
If you haven’t gotten into the burgundy boat yet, this might just be the dress that will get you on board!

Sparkles On Your Wrist

This is one of the few times that I agree that more is more.  If you are going out dressed down…levis, boots…then it is really fun to change things up with some sparkles on your arm.  In this case, the more the better.
In fact, about three bracelets would be great, especially if each is a bit different than the one before.  These “Sparkly 10 Row Crystal Silver Stretch Bracelets” really do the trick if you want to go over the top with the look.  They are available at for $69.99. 
Or if that price is too high, this is the perfect item for the vintage or used clothing stores in your neighborhood.  Go see if you can find your sparkles for lots less than any retail outlet.  It could actually be fun!

A Ponytail and a French Braid?

A great way to show off your holiday style is to French braid the front of your hair while pulling the back into a side ponytail.  Wrap the ponytail with a piece of your hair to finish it up and it gives your look an uplift that is great for the holidays.  It is a look that can be worn to work or dressed up for the evening.
Another plus with this style is the way it shows off your face.  It is a natural look that will help you to look your best for any occasion.  Ho, Ho, Ho!