Cute Faux-Fur Jacket by Michael Kors…Meow!

The jacket trend this season is especially fun when shown in faux-fur.   This MICHAEL Michael Kors dark camel cheetah print jacket is a great example of making a wardrobe staple into something a bit more fun.  I think that is quite a trick when it comes to something you wear to keep you warm.
You can buy this jacket at for the sale price of $122.00.  Go ahead.  Channel your inner cat!  Meow!

There’s Still Nothing Like A Cute Dress

A cute dress has always been my ultimate fashion staple.   I have always loved wearing dresses.   In fact, one time in college, my roommates and I all went to a party wearing dresses from my closet!  So this cute little lace dress by Free People is perfect for now and later.  It is a great look for New Year’s Eve, and you can also wear it all summer.
I love the gray lace, the shape of the dress, and the elbow length sleeve.  Because it is lace, you don’t have to wear accessories.  (Except for your favorite pair of earrings, perhaps.)
This “Miles of Lace Dress” is available at one of my favorite online shopping locations, for $128.00.

Go Vintage Jewelry for that Perfect Accessory

If you haven’t shopped for vintage jewelry before, you are in for a treat.  Places like Ebay, Etsy, Ruby Lane, or your local used clothing store have lots of vintage plastic or paste jewelry to look at. 
The best part is the prices for the look.  Most vintage costume jewelry lines are better quality than their newer modern versions, and the prices are so much better.
Of course you will be investing your time while you are in the hunt, but if you are like me and have more time than money, it is a good investment.  And unlike shopping vintage for many other items, vintage costume jewelry is pretty easy to go through and try on without a lot of fuss.  No dressing rooms needed!
If you haven’t shopped for vintage jewelry before, take a friend, and go shopping…

Flocked Rose Tights For Your Night Out

I love to wear patterned tights.  I’d wear them almost everyday if I could.  So maybe you need to remember that when I talk about them.
But, even so, I really think these little flocked rose tights by Pamela Mann are so cute.  They are the perfect accent for an outfit that needs a bit of dressing up.
They are available at for $13.50.  They are available in pink, purple, and white, but black is the shade that speaks to me, and black is pretty darn flattering I must say.
If you haven’t spent all your holiday $$$$, give these tights a look!

A Cute Braid for Holiday Parties

A low side braid is a fun way to change things up a little bit for party hair.  An easy way to make your braid look a little different is to divide your three pieces of hair differently. Divide the back of your hair into three sections.  One of your three braiding sections should have lots of hair, and the other two sections should be much smaller.  Then when you braid all three sections together loosely, it will look uniquely different.  You might even fool everyone that it is even a braid!
It is a cute way to change your look for that holiday party without having to spend too much time…while you are on the go!

Lip Stains for the Holidays

Lip Stain is a great way to have lip color without a lot of fuss.  Lip Stains have a tendency to last longer than most other types of lipsticks and glosses, and it looks more natural. is a great place to find lots of choices for lip stains.  Laura Mercier makes a nice lip stain in a pot that has a natural satin finish.  It is $20.  But Sephora always has some kind of special, so you should be able to buy it with additional deals.  Sometimes they give you samples, or sometimes there is a product code for $$$$ off.
If you haven’t tried lip stains, you might want to try them now!?