Prom Date

Asking My Date To The Prom

  Be Creative! But be sensitive! Don’t embarass her in a crowd if she’s truly shy.

 Let a few close friends or her parents know what you’re planning and maybe they can help.

 Think safety first. You don’t want the surprise to backfire and cause injury or, even, hurt feeelings.

 Remember the “asking a date” to the prom is a big commitment of time and money. Once you make that choice, stick to it and enjoy!




Ask To Prom In a Canoe

This is how my boyfriend of two and a half years asked me to his prom: It was a saturday night, and he called me around 10:00 asking me if I could pick him up at this restaurant nearby. I was a little reluctant, but I said I would anyways. When I got there he asked if he could drive (something we commonly do.) So we switched spots and I let him have control of the wheel. It didn’t take long for me to realize we were heading in the opposite direction of home, but I kept my mouth shut to see what would happen. We ended up at this little secluded lake that is surrounded by a bunch of houses. He parked the car and we walked down to the shore. Up on the bank was a small canoe, to which Danny says “Let’s go out on the lake, I’ll teach you how to fish.” Now, I should let you know that I am terrified of small boats, but I knew I had some surprise comming and I wasn’t about to ruin it. So, I slowly crawled in and let him push us into the water. Once he rowed us to the middle of the lake, he handed me a fishing reel and told me to simply reel in the line. I did so, and at the end of the reel was a glass bottle of Sparkling Cider! I reached over to pull it out of the water, and when I turned back to him he was holding two champagne glasses in one hand and a rose in the other!! I just about melted, which is when he smiled and said “Kellie, will you go to prom with me?” I said “YES! Ofcourse I will!” and then, this is the best part, I got another surprise! Out there in the middle of a peacful lake, with the stars above us, FIREWORKS started to go off!! He had planned it so that his friend would set them off after I said yes! (There was a walkee talkee onboard).So that is how I got asked to prom. I will never, ever forget it!! Could you?!

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My Most Memorable Prom Night

I’ll just say it was unforgettable. . . it felt like something from a movie or a fantasy. . . but. . . yes. . . well I went to my prom. . . for thelast half hour of it anyway. . . so here’s my story; I went on a double date. My friend and I picked up our dates at 6:30 and we wererunning late. And man, when I saw my date in her prom dress. . . shelooked beautiful. . . I mean she was gorgeous. We went to eat at IlFornaio, which was very good, and when we were done we went to our car. . .but guess what, it wasn’t there. So we thought someone was playing ajoke on us. But then we saw a sign on the wall that said, “NOPARKING, For Residents Only”. We couldn’t believe it. Wecalled up the apartment manager and he said that no one told him anythingso he wasn’t going to put charges on us. Then he told us where ourcar was in impound, which was 30 blocks away. So we walked 10 blocksand we found a taxi. He was cool cuz he only charged us like $12 fora 20 block ride for 4 people and he didn’t take a tip. Now we were atthe impound and the lady that was working was laughing and asked us”How’s your day going?” She told us that we had to pay$100, so I paid for it because no one else had the money. Then wewent off to prom, but we got lost. It took us like 1 1/2 hours to getthere. We arrived at 10:30, so we took pictures and only got to danceto one song, which was the last dance. . . which was kind of cool. Soafter Prom we went to my house and watched a movie and my date and I justcuddled, which was also cool cuz I really like her, ever since last year. Thenwe dropped our dates at 1:30 cuz they had a curfew. I was supposed toget a kiss g’night. . . but her mom was inside the door. . . so Ididn’t get one. . . so yeah. . . that’s our night. . . it wasgreat overall. . . cuz I know now that my date likes me!More Dating Tips Here —->


Hi, my name is —- —— and I was a Junior when my friend asked me toprom. We all have a really close group of friends and one of my guyfriends in the group I guess really liked me. Everyone was alwaystrying to set me up with him. Anyway prom time was closing in and I didn’t have a date. I went to work one night and it was a really bad night. I work at a restaurant as a hostess. People were yellingat me and everything. Just when I was walking back to the kitchen to do my side work, I saw a man with a dozen roses. I didn’t thinkanything of it until I found out they were for me. I started to crybecause I only thought of him as a friend. So I called my friends whowere at a party. I told them all about it. To top it all off hewas at the party too. They said that they could tell that he wasreally embarrassed. I told them not to say anything to him about it. I didn’t know what to do because I really wanted to go to prom withhim because I knew that I would have fun. On the other hand I didn’twant him to think that I wanted to be more than friends. After a timedeciding, I finally accepted. I told him that I wanted to go just asfriends. He showed up at my house on prom night with another dozenroses and a smile. I took it with a grain of salt. Through thecourse of the night I began to realize what my friends were talking aboutand why they wanted to hook me up with him. We ended up kissing atthe end of the night. Now two months later we are still together. I never knew that being just friends could end up being much more!

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