Prom Decorations


Decorations will vary widely, depending upon where you are having your Prom.
Some hotels and other facilities do all the decorating of tables, as well as
providing a balloon arch for the dance floor. Other places will expect you
to do all of the decorating. Many ballrooms are quite beautiful, and will
need very little in the way of decorations. But your student committee will
have ideas about this. They will be able to choose the color of the linens,
and whatever other extras the facility may provide. Decorating can be very
time consuming. So if you find a facility that is willing to decorate for
you, it will be very helpful. But if you are having your dance at a facility
that doesn’t help, the students are usually very capable of doing the work

Most Popular Homecoming Themes

10. Casino. Choose this if you don’t want to take a gamble when choosing a fun theme.

9. Egyptian Mysteries. Everyone will go around asking, “What walks on four legs in morning…?”

8. Tropical Paradise. Do you think they’ll serve cheeseburgers?

7. Hollywood. Watch out for those people taking posed photos of you; they might be paparazzi!

6. Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy. Coming up with this idea calls for drumming up some serious inspiration.

5. Masquerade on Bourbon Street. Great theme if you like to dance the ‘rum-ba’ and ‘tango-ray’.

4. Over the Rainbow. Everyone will be looking for pots of gold under their table.

3. Under the Sea. This night will have you drowning in delight.

2. Jungle Nights. Lions and tigers and formal wears, oh my!

1. “I Promise you the Stars” – Sure to be out of this world!