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“Thrift Store Chic” Might Be Your Best Fashion Choice this Week!

                          If you haven’t finished your back to school shopping, don’t forget looking at your favorite thrift stores.  That might be Salvation Army, Goodwill, Ebay, or some other great store in your neighborhood. Watch for great tea-length skirts, tank tops, and jewelry in all varieties.  You might have to do some taking in or up, […]

Do You Love Flared Jeans?

If you are totally in love with the flared jeans that look like you just stepped out of a 1970’s movie, you need to remember one very important styling tip…wear some kind of heel. The volume of the flared leg will only make you look shorter and heavier unless you elongate your leg by adding […]

Do You Need A New Backpack?

If you are a real student who has to check the square inches of a Jansport backpack because you need a heavy-duty backpack to carry your AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP Lit books…read no further… you have to use the biggest, most durable backpack made.  But if you only need to carry a few […]

Faux Fur for Fall ???

I am not a big fan of faux fur.  It pretty much looks cheap to me, and wearing real fur feels a bit barbaric.  But this season there are two or three options for faux fur that are interesting. One is a coat by Rachel Roy styled with faux curly lamb.  It is fun and […]

Hats Are Hot!

I think that you are either a hat person or you aren't. Kind of like being a scarf person or not? Hats are fun.  They can be flirty and theatrical, in general a great prop. If you like hats, this is the season for you.  Hats are everywhere.  (Target even has an ad for hats […]

Have You Bought Your New Backpack Yet?

Well, if you haven't purchased a new backpack for the school year, you will probably be doing it soon.  So if you aren't taking all AP classes that require schlepping your forty pounds of books every day, maybe you would like to consider another choice. Canvas Army Messenger Bags are the new "it" bag.  They are light, […]