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Is Hot Orange the New Black?

Yes, orange is everywhere this summer.  I find that it is a difficult color for most people to wear, so most of us might just find a great accessory in orange to punch up our look without committing to a major statement in orange.But, if you are one of those who can pull it off, […]

Different Tones of the Same Color

I love the multi-tones approach to dressing for spring.  Wearing various green tones, blue tones, or coral tones is a softer way to get a sleek look.  That is, it adds a little playfulness to what may be a more sedate approach to wearing all one color.I love the jewel quality of this look.  It […]

Color Blocking Redux

If you are still enjoying color blocking but don’t have an unlimited amount of outfits that qualify, perhaps you would like to layer colors with neutrals.  A pencil skirt is a great staple in any wardrobe.  Keeping the pencil skirt in a neutral tone will extend the life of this piece that you could wear […]

New Color Note Combinations—Raspberry and Plum? is showing a type of color blocking that is fresh for spring.  They are showing jewel tones; pink with purple, and it is fabulous!I am all about color blocking.  The trend reminds me of Mondrian paintings.  This is a new twist to the traditional color blocking we have seen for the last few seasons.  […]

Bleached Hair Tips. . . A Bit Wild?

I see bleached hair tips every day in my classroom.  Some of my students have blonde tips on their black hair, some have red tips on blonde hair, and others have blue tips on brown.  It isn’t easy to always maintain this look, but my students are having a great time expressing themselves this way.I […]

I Love Tom Ford

May I say that there is very little that Tom Ford designs that I don’t like?  I think he has a great aesthetic.  So I am delighted that he is making a statement with women’s cosmetics.   His new fall colors are fabulous, everything from lips, to eyes, to cheeks, he’s got it covered.  I think […]