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Bleached Hair Tips. . . A Bit Wild?

I see bleached hair tips every day in my classroom.  Some of my students have blonde tips on their black hair, some have red tips on blonde hair, and others have blue tips on brown.  It isn’t easy to always maintain this look, but my students are having a great time expressing themselves this way.I […]

I Love Tom Ford

May I say that there is very little that Tom Ford designs that I don’t like?  I think he has a great aesthetic.  So I am delighted that he is making a statement with women’s cosmetics.   His new fall colors are fabulous, everything from lips, to eyes, to cheeks, he’s got it covered.  I think […]

A Blazer Pulls Your Look Together

 A blazer is one of those standard pieces of clothing that is difficult to avoid owning.  It doesn’t matter what you pair it with, a blazer will make your look a bit more sleek.  Whether you are wearing a cute little black dress or your favorite jeans, a blazer tops either one well. If you […]

I Love Deep Electric Blue for Fall

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My Favorite Lipcolor for Fall?


The Perfect Combination

I love the look of a full 50’s looking swing coat.  There is something so absolutely feminine about it.  And if it comes in a pastel color—perfection!  It is a fun way to bring a pop of color to your look whether you are wearing jeans or a gorgeous gown for prom.  Maybe you haven’t […]