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Prom Gown Statement Piece

Zac Posen always makes women look sexy.  This gown is a great illustration of that.  It is an amazing statement!  Brave?  Go for this gown! . . . . . . .

Just A Cute Little Sundress!

Dresses are almost always more put together looking than pants.  It is just one piece to buy, so it ends up being less expensive as well. If you want to freshen up your summer wardrobe, buy a cute little sundress!  You will be able to wear it over and over again all summer and you […]

Bright Color Simple Shape

I love the bright colors being used this season for everything from tailored shorts to evening gowns.  If you are of like mind you need to be careful about the cut of the dress.  If you go with a bright color the cut should be simple. An A-line with a ruffle is a good choice […]

Cool Cat Eyes? Why Not?

Cat eyes are taking a new turn.  Instead of just being an extended eyeliner, it has gone to the shadow instead.  Do you like the accentuated shadows that give that extreme oval shape to the new cat eye? It is extreme and a bit wonderful I think.  Is this a possible look for prom?  I […]

I Am Digging Dresses With Prints!

I am a reluctant print wearer.  I find it easier/safer to wear solid colors.  I think  prints have to be special to be wearable.  This season I have seen so many dresses that are special in the print department.  The interesting part is that I cannot name a type of print that does that per […]

I Love Velvet for Winter!

Velvet purses, dresses, even shoes are great for this season.  As winter promises to arrive, velvet becomes a real choice for fashion.  What could be more fun than a cute red stretch velvet dress?  Nothing!!!If you long for velvet, now is the time to buy it and enjoy!!!