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Prom Gown Asian Style?

Vera Wang makes beautiful wedding gowns.  This gown is just a beautiful gown.  It has a little bit of an Asian feel to it.  If you love beautiful Asian fabric and style, this might be the prom gown for you.

Beautiful Prom Gowns I

This is not just basic black.  The styling by designer  Bibhu Mohapatra is flattering for most body types and the look is sophisticated.  What could be better? . . . . . . .

Just A Cute Little Sundress!

Dresses are almost always more put together looking than pants.  It is just one piece to buy, so it ends up being less expensive as well. If you want to freshen up your summer wardrobe, buy a cute little sundress!  You will be able to wear it over and over again all summer and you […]

Look Like Cinderella For Prom

Baby Blue is a color that almost everyone wears well.  It is a wonderful choice for your prom dress if you want to appear kind of ethereal—otherworldly. It is a soft color that cries out for soft accessories.  Think soft chignon, pearls, and pale make-up tones.  Baby blue gives a look of understated elegance.  If […]

Lace For Prom?

Lace is a great choice for Prom.  You could wear it short or long.  There are so many choices this year.  You will be able to find whatever style you want.  And if you decide to wear short, you will be able to wear it all summer. Think about it…lace for prom! . . . […]

Loving Those Pink Pastels!

Spring is the time of year that we break out the pastel hues.  (Think Easter Basket candy.)  Whether the pastels are in your wardrobe, your hair or fingernail color, or  make-up, it is the time of year to show pastels off. I particularly like a light matte finish lip that harks back to 1967.  Light […]