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Black Hair With Black Gown…A Bit Goth…Works

 Lena Headey walked the Emmy Red Carpet in a black Alessandra Rich gown Sunday night.  Her black long sleeve gown and rich black hair were a dynamite combination!She kept her accessories and make up understated.  The overall black gown along with her tossled raven locks worked beautifully!  She had a little bit of an early […]

Scarlet At Its Best

Red was THE color on the red carpet Sunday night at the Emmy Awards in Hollywood, California.  OK, so who did red best?  I really liked the scarlet red Marchesa gown worn by Lea Michele of “Glee” fame.  It was demur yet very kind of sexy…not an easy combination, and in red no less!The rosette […]

Are You A Glee-k?

I am a Glee-k.  I love the atmosphere, dialogue, and singing on the television show “Glee” which starts again tonight on Fox.  I do think that it is funny however when people ask me if that is what high school is like…Really?  The answer is obviously NO!  I wish that the most pressing issue for […]

Do You Wear Make-Up?

    Wearing make-up is a personal decision and what you do is up to you.  There are many people who can go without any make-up at all and look perfect!  If you do choose to wear make-up, there are some basic rules that you should follow. 1. Use foundation sparingly.  Foundation evens out the different […]

Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

  So how did the stars look so radiant at the Emmy Awards last month?  Are they just blessed with better skin?  Are they soooo cute I’m sure you know that actors have to be aware of how they look—even when they’d prefer not to.  They do have the advantage of having “people.”  There is […]

Naya Rivera’s Super Puff-Do at the Emmys

             The most noteworthy part of Naya Rivera’s fashion statement at the Emmy Awards was her retro hair do.  To say it was over-the-top is probably the term for it, but what you need to take from observing the choice is that on her…it worked.  Her dark hair and olive complexion helped to make […]