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Sleek Is Chic

Underdone vs. overdone?  Less vs. More?  If you haven’t chosen a hairstyle yet, perhaps you would like to imitate Marion Cotillard’s Red Carpet Look.. Her haircut is just less vs. more and the styling shows off her beautiful face.  So what do you want to copy?  Her haircut, her smokey eye, her soft lip color, […]

Are You Wearing Your Hair Up For Prom?

Seeing as it is the middle of Prom Season, you might be deciding on hair options.  If you want to wear your hair up, there are so many ways to do it. Wearing a low chignon that includes braids with a little bit of a messy vibe is a great choice.  It makes it look […]

If You Live In SoCal This Is Your Lucky Day!

If You Live In SoCal This Is Your Lucky Day! My favorite hair spot, Nelson J Salon Beverly Hills, is having a prom hair contest on their facebook page.  All you have to do is send them your favorite celebrity prom hairstyle and get people to vote for your favorite style!  If your look wins, […]

Love These Braids!

Still looking for ideas for your prom hair?  If you have long hair, this messy braided updo is a great choice.  Add some subtle streaks in pink or green or blue to go with your gown and you are good to go! . . .. .

Princess Hair

If you are thinking a bit more casual for your hairstyle at prom this year, look no further!  Wearing your hair down with a braid from the front looks like Sleeping Beauty or Ariel. It is a bit easier with hair that has a bit of grab, so you might want to use mousse or […]

LOVE Straight Hair and Some Awesome Bangs!

Thank you Michelle Obama for putting bangs back in our collective psyche.  She is beautiful and her hair compliments her overall fashion look. I would like to say that I like this look taken even a bit further…a bit more extreme…by straightening the hair and allowing the bangs to fall even a little bit longer. […]