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At-Home Facials For Prom

Facials are a great way to make your face shine…in a good way.  Especially in the winter our skin suffers.  We face the effects of cold weather outside and dry hot air from heaters inside.  It makes skin go crazy!An antidote for winter skin is to get a facial.  However, many of us don’t have […]

Lip Stains for the Holidays

Lip Stain is a great way to have lip color without a lot of fuss.  Lip Stains have a tendency to last longer than most other types of lipsticks and glosses, and it looks more is a great place to find lots of choices for lip stains.  Laura Mercier makes a nice lip stain […]

A Choker To Love

This choker by Eddie Borgo is beautiful.  It has a hard edge that is tempered by the size and materials used.  It is available at for $365.  Yikes!  But the reason I am interested in it is that it is very much like vintage pieces you might find for much less $$$.If you are […]

I Love Tom Ford

May I say that there is very little that Tom Ford designs that I don’t like?  I think he has a great aesthetic.  So I am delighted that he is making a statement with women’s cosmetics.   His new fall colors are fabulous, everything from lips, to eyes, to cheeks, he’s got it covered.  I think […]

Gotta Love This New Take On Eyeliner!

 How about a little doubling back with your eyeliner?  This look is fabulous, being subtle enough that no one will really notice the difference until you close your eyes or look waaaay down.Of course this look will take a bit of practice and patience.  It is absolutely necessary to use a liquid eyeliner if you […]

Love Tinted Lip Balm!

 I have perennially chapped lips.  So I am always looking for some kind of healing balm for my lips.  I have been using Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm for a while now, and it is fabulous!  Not only does it take care of the chapping, which Burts Bees has always done for me, but now […]