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Serious Cat Eyes!

If you want to go extreme with your eyes for prom or any other time, why not try your whole lid in black?  It is a statement, and one that might be fun for special events.  You will personify drama! Want to go extreme?  Go serious cat eyes! . . . . . .

Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Your Make-up

I love that on the runway you get to see extremes.  Sometimes the fashions are extreme, or sometimes it’s the hair or accessories.  In this iteration they obviously were not afraid to play with make-up. This may be too extreme for prom, but I like the spirit of it.  I think it is important to […]

Cool Cat Eyes? Why Not?

Cat eyes are taking a new turn.  Instead of just being an extended eyeliner, it has gone to the shadow instead.  Do you like the accentuated shadows that give that extreme oval shape to the new cat eye? It is extreme and a bit wonderful I think.  Is this a possible look for prom?  I […]

Your Prom Make-Up?!

I like the natural monochromatic look that you can totally wear when you are 16 or 17 or 18.  Cheeks, lips, and eyes are pale and pretty much the same tone. The one change I would make to the total monochromatic look is to add a more dramatic brow…not Frida Kahlo dramatic—but don’t be afraid […]

Do You Want To Go Red?   On Your Lips That Is…

Red lips are such a statement! It is kind of a scary fashion statement too, but certainly worth the effort if you can choose the right shade for you… Yes, there are shades of red. I would suggest that you go try shades of red at your local make up counter.  The lighter your complexion, […]

I Love the Brownish Purple Nail Glaze For Fall

I have been addicted to this nail shade since last year, but it is especially nice for fall.  This particular shade is called Foie Gras ala the Hunger Games, but it is one of several variations that happens to be good for all your fashion needs this season.  It is subtle, doesn’t scream when you […]