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A Prom Dress For Now And For Later

Perhaps you want to be a bit more casual in your prom look.  If you want a dress that you can wear to prom and again after, this might be the right dress for you.  Thakoon does it right! . . . . . . .

The Opposite of Prom Flats

If you love high, high heels, there are many to choose from for prom.  Buying cute sky-high sandals is a better economic decision than buying a pair of shoes that you can only wear once.If you choose a neutral colored sandal, you will be able to wear them over and over again.  Whether that neutral […]

Photo Booth Before Prom

If you haven’t thought of rom?this…for this year or next year…it is great fun to set up a photo booth for you and your friends before prom.  You need to get together somewhere before the prom, use a background, some lights,  find someone who will shoot pictures for you, and friends who are willing to […]

The “Undone” Updo for Prom?

The undone updo has been ever present at both the red carpet and runway seasons of 2011.  This “do” is continuing into summer without a hiccup, so to speak.  Perhaps because it is one of the easier looks to do yourself, some variation of it might be a good choice for your prom hairstyle. The […]

Sometimes It’s All About the Eyes!

When you are deciding on your make-up for prom, or any other special event, a good tip to remember is that it is OK to emphasize one facial feature over the others. And your eyes are a good one to bring out. You may want to get some ideas from a make-up artist at your […]

Want to Try a Column Dress for Prom?

Column dresses can be found in all types. Some are very casual and others are very dressy. It depends upon the fabric used. I particularly like them done in silk. It makes the dress light and airy and the flow is great.A bright pink silk column dress might be just the ticket from prom…want one?