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This Is Not Your Mother’s Prom Corsage

If you like the idea of wearing flowers to prom, but cannot see yourself wearing a traditional corsage, then this is something you might like instead. . . How about wearing flowers attached individually to your shoulder, back, or ankle?  It is a fun look, different, and can be quite lovely.  Of course you will […]

Wearing A Garden On Your Sleeve?

Spring is the time of flowers everywhere in hill and dale.  That is also true for many of the dresses being shown for spring.  It is enough to make those of us who generally wear solids to go out on a limb, so to speak, and get at least one dress in a flowered print.  […]

Orchids! Orchids? Orchids!

I have a small greenhouse in my backyard where I grow orchids.  I love Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, and Oncidium Orchids.  The best part of my hobby is that in California, you can buy them inexpensively at Trader Joe’s, my favorite grocery store.  So putting them in the greenhouse after they lose their blooms is a […]

What Flowers Will Be In Your Corsage?

Most people think in terms of baby roses, carnations, or orchids when it comes to corsages.  But there are thousands of flowers out there.  Don’t limit yourself.  What flowers do you love?  Some last longer than others, but there are still many to choose from for your prom corsage. How about gardenias?  I love gardenias!  […]

The Spring Colors in Nature

I was walking through the woods today amazed by the massive  Coastal Redwood Trees in Big Sur, California, and enjoying the spring colors.  I love the yellow of the Japanese Iris, the light purple shade of English Lavender, the pale green of new leaves on the trees, and the pale pink of the rhododendron flowers. […]