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Braids for Prom?

A great hairstyle to wear this year to the prom is an updo with french braids.  It is a beautiful way to show off your hair, and also your shoulders and neck.  It showcases those killer earrings you’ve been wanting to wear to prom too. If an updo is in your prom future, you might […]

A Cute Braid for Holiday Parties

A low side braid is a fun way to change things up a little bit for party hair.  An easy way to make your braid look a little different is to divide your three pieces of hair differently. Divide the back of your hair into three sections.  One of your three braiding sections should have […]

Holiday Hair

It is great to get a little “fancy” with your hair for the holidays.  Wearing your hair up off your neck seems to “dress it up” really well.  Even if your hair is a bit short, you can pull this off if you can pull the back of your hair into a small ponytail that […]

Looking At Pixies?

Winter might be the perfect season for a pixie cut.  It is easy to care for, doesn’t go flat in the rain, and looks great with most of your winter hats.Of course if you opt for this hairstyle you will need to pay attention to your make up.  The cut tends to draw attention to […]

Blunt Cut? It Is Still A Great Hairstyle Choice!

 Whether you want to go with short or long hair, a blunt cut is a great way to go for fall.  If you have flyaway hair or split ends, a blunt cut will give your hair a chance to repair itself a bit.  And if you use finishing oil it will also help with your […]

Growing Out Your Bangs?

I don’t know that there are many things that annoy me more than when I am growing out my bangs.  It seems like it takes forever!  So I have learned a few strategies that help a little…1. Brush them to the side with a bit of styling foam to train them to stay to the […]