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Vintage Bags Are The Best!

If you are looking for a new “must have” handbag, don’t forget to haunt vintage shops and web sites. Vintage handbags come in all shapes and sizes. And there are so many shopping spots out there that have great bags for a fraction of their original cost you will have lots to look at.And if […]

Hansel from Basel has GREAT Tote Bags!

If you need a tote bag for any of your wanderings, take a look at these great bags at I have a hard time deciding which one I like best.  They all bring in ideas in fashion that I love.  I think polka-dots and stripes are both awesome!  So these bags offer both.  Then […]

Cross-body Bags Are So Great!

                                                       If you don’t own a cross-body handbag, you might want to invest in one this fall.  They are smaller and a bit more high-style than their hobo cousins.  And they are quite versatile, going easily from day to evening.  (OK, I admit they probably wouldn’t be a great choice for prom…) This cute Violet […]

You’ll Probably Need an Evening Bag

When you attend the Prom or any other formal dance, you will probably need an evening bag.  This is an item that can cost a lot of money—or not too much—depending upon what you choose. My advice is that you choose to spend less money for this item.  It is something that you may use […]