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Trying to Stay Out of the Sun without Staying Out of the Sun?

My dermatologist tells me that I need to stay out of the sun whenever I can. That means seriously cutting in to my fun factor here in Southern California. So I try to compromise and wear some kind of a sleeve on my arms along with the most necessary accessory, a hat. Hats are great […]

Own Any Wide-Legged Trousers?

                                                 Most of us are at least looking at the wide-legged trousers out there this summer.  If you are looking, but haven’t taken the plunge, you can without much $$$ if you look for vintage.  There will undoubtedly be a pair at your favorite local or online vintage store. If they are made of silk […]

Love Colorful Clutches, But Confused about the Shoes?

                              If you love the yellow, orange, pink, and spring green clutches that you see in every celebrity’s hand this summer, but are confused about what to do about the shoes, just remember that the shoes stay neutral, even though the purse is almost fluorescent! The days of bags matching shoes are long gone.  If you […]

What Is A Messy Bob?

I spent the day yesterday in Laguna Beach, California where EVERYONE was wearing flip flops.  I don’t know that there is anything that says summer and beach more to me than a pair of flip flips…  So if I were to pick a hairstyle that reflects summer, wearing a messy bob is one way to […]

Travelling this Summer? Wear A Skirt!

I love all the great skirts this season.  I especially love the tea length, full or pleated variety.  They are feminine, comfortable, and versatile…perfect for travelling! Skirts are always more comfortable than pants, but in the summer they are also cooler, and they look a bit dressier, which helps with the number of outfits you […]

H & M Does It Again!

I don’t know how H & M ( has such great styles at such great prices.  This summer they have the cutest chiffon-looking long patterned dress for only $32.73.  It includes the peachy shade that is so popular now, and has a 70’s vibe too.If you need one more cute summer dress you might want […]