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I Love A Black Turtleneck!

Black turtlenecks have made a big return to fashion this fall.  This year you will see them mostly worn under other layers; dresses, sweaters, jackets… which means that your turtleneck of choice needs to be thin enough to not create bulk when layered.That probably means a cotton or synthetic fabric with a little spandex in […]

Layers and Layers

Today when I left my house it was 38 degrees.  Before I go home it is supposed to get up to 65 degrees.  That is pretty typical of California weather, almost thirty-degree differences from morning to afternoon.  The only way to cope with the variation is to wear layers of clothing.  Sweaters are an important […]

Just The Right Amount of Leopard!

This little cardigan is pretty plain except for the collar.  The touch of faux fur leopard print is just right.  This cardigan is available at and is now on sale for $136.57.If you want to indulge in just a bit of leopard print, this might be the right choice for you!!!

Oversized Is Comfy…Now the Styling…

Oversized tops and sweaters are a great choice this fall.  They are so comfortable!  But you need to be careful about your styling.  If you are trying an oversized top, keep it slim and simple with your other pieces.If you wear your top with pants, they need to be slim; and skirts should be of […]

Oversized Sweaters for Fall

 I will admit that I wear sweaters to work almost every day.  I need the versatility of being able to take a layer on or off depending upon how hot or cold my room is at any moment because the air conditioning in my classroom is mostly “on the fritz.” So seeing the oversized sweaters […]

Bright Colored Spring Jackets!

This is the time of year when you probably will need some kind of extra layer.  That layer could be a cute sweater, but it could also be a bright jacket to bring some real pizzazz to your look.A jacket is a little bit dressier than a sweater, and it can be just the statement […]