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How Much Will the Evening Cost?

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 Your “Prom Night” is one of the evenings you will remember for the rest of your
There are many things you can do that will make the evening an
especially enjoyable one. Of course everyone’s idea of fun is different, so
each of you will have slightly different needs, but there are some concerns
and ideas that are relatively universal. These are three areas that we have
found are asked about most often: How much will the evening cost? What are
some ideas to make the evening more fun? and What should I do to prepare for
unplanned occurrences? Remember, if you start planning three to four months
in advance, you will best be able maximize your time and money.

H O W   M U C H   W I L L
T H E   E V E N I N G   C O S T ?

The cost of Prom Night can vary greatly from around $150 to as much as $1500.
But you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time if you plan ahead and
make intelligent choices. Just be sure that when you decide to spend money on a
particular item the money spent is worth it to you. It is your money and your
night; choose wisely. The following is a list of items that will probably be
part of your evening’s expenses:

T I C K E T :

This will vary from school to school. Some schools still have their proms in
their school gymnasiums, and in these cases, the cost of the ticket could be
as low as $20 per couple. But most high schools have their Junior-Senior Prom
off-campus at a hotel, country club, or other ballroom facility. In a few of
these cases, the ticket will cost $40-$50 per couple, but most prom tickets
now cost between $100-$175 per couple. In these cases dinner is included in
the dance price and your entire evening can be spent with your friends at the
prom itself. If your prom’s ticket is in the $100-$175 range, you and your
date may want to consider splitting the cost of the ticket. Most students do.
It is just too expensive for one person to pay for the whole thing.

T U X E D O :
Friar Tux Tuxedo-Him&Her

Most guys wear tuxedos to their proms, which according to Emily Post is considered
-semi-formal attire.+ But if you have a nice dark-colored suit, you might be able
to wear that, depending on your particular dance. The school or social mores
where you live may require a tux for the evening. But in California, people are
much more unconventional and casual–so check out your options. ) If you rent a tuxedo (which can include shoes) for the evening,
the going rate is $50-$150 depending upon what extras you might want. The fancier
the tuxedo, the more expensive the price will be.

C O R S A G E :

It is customary for the guy to buy a corsage for his date. It can be a pin-on
type corsage, or one she can wear around her wrist. Some even buy a modified nosegay
that a girl can carry in her hand. It is a good idea to know what color dress
your date is wearing so that the corsage you choose doesn’t clash. Some couples
like to go together and choose the flowers. Again, how much you spend on this
item varies greatly and what you want determines the cost. Most people spend
$25-$50 on a corsage. But I have seen as much as $150 spent. Be wise in making
your choice.

P H O T O G R A P H S :

There will be a photographer at the prom ready to take posed couple and group
shots. These picture packages can often run you a lot of money, so get a price
list from your Activities Office at school before that evening so that you will
know how much money you will need to have for this. Most photographers will take
checks with proper ID, or credit cards; so if you have either of these options
available to you, it would be safer for you than carrying a lot of cash. You
could spend anywhere from $35-$175 on pictures. Your parents and relatives may
want copies, so calculate those needs into your picture order. These photographs
will probably be a keepsake for years to come.
You may also consider taking informal shots of yourself and friends throughout
the evening with your own camera. These photos may turn out to be your favorite
remembrances from your prom night.

L I M O U S I N E :

A limousine is a very expensive extra for your prom night. It can be fun
for three or four couples to go together to the prom in a limousine, and some do.
Just be sure that you want to do this and budget accordingly. The standard cost
for a limo for the evening starts around $400. If you split the cost between
eight of you, it might be something you would like to do. But be sure to check
to see that the limousine service is licensed by the state. Otherwise, there
have been many horror stories about limo drivers leaving kids, asking for more
money the evening of the prom, or not showing up at all if they get a better
fare. Research the references of the service meticulously. Don’t be sorry the
evening of the Prom.

D I N N E R :

If your dance does not provide dinner, or if you just want to go somewhere to eat
before you go to the prom anyway, there are many choices as to where you can eat.
It is often fun if you go in groups of two to four couples. If your group is
bigger than that, you may have difficulty finding seating in the restaurant of
your choice. Be sure that you make a reservation at the restaurant ahead of
time. You may want to tell the restaurant at the time you are making your
reservation that you are going to your prom after eating, and will need to be
served in a timely fashion. Restaurants are usually cooperative if you tell them
your needs. In fact, many will try to help you make it a special night. Expense
here can also vary dramatically. Often each person pays for his or her own
dinner, but again that will depend on your situation. Just remember that Prom
Night is expensive, and most students try to split the costs as evenly as possible.
Dinner could run anywhere from $15-$25 per person.